NYFA Games, par New York Film Academy - Los Angeles

NYFA Games, par New York Film Academy - Los Angeles

Présentation générale de la formation

Domaine : Game Design
Durée : 3 an(s)
Apprentissage : Non
Alternance : Possible
Elearning : Non
Type de certification : Diplôme d'Etat
Niveau d'entrée :
Niveau II (Licence) ou équivalence
Niveau de sortie :
Niveau I (Master/DEA/DESS à Doctorat) ou équivalence

Inscription à la formation NYFA Games

La formation

Objectifs :
Train students to become professional game developers. Students learn hands on skills in the following to help them get hired immediately - Unity, Maya, Github, Houdini, JIRA, others. Students learn timeless skills to help them run projects and companies in the future. These timeless skills include team leadership and communications, playable system design, AGILE.
Description :

-       Learn from Masters in the videogame capital of the world - Los Angeles - faculty titles

        include: League Legends, God of War, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, Pokemon Go, Halo, Clash of Clans, and over 100 other titles.

-       Become a Creative Leader and run Your Own Game Studio hands-on each semester

-       Create games on all platforms incl. Console, Mobile, PC, Virtual Reality and Web games

-       Learn hands-on Coding – Unity and C++ (what students use to create the game).

-       Learn Industry standard tools – Adobe Tools, Maya, Github, Confluence, JIRA others

-       Learn the Business of Games

-       Learn Story and Narrative in Games

-       Master Playcentric Design via lots of prototyping, playtesting, and iteration

-       Master Agile Development the most widely used dev methodology in games and tech

-       Build a winning personal portfolio website

-       Promote yourself via http://games.nyfa.edu

Students leave with a portfolio of playable games created collaboratively with classmates and faculty. Students gain an understanding of how to use their portfolio to get a job in industry.

Débouchés :

NYFA Game alumni are working at an ever expanding list of companies including:

- Rockstar Games

- Blizzard Entertainment

- Riot Games (League of Legends)

- Sony Santa Monica (God of War)

- Sony Interactive Entertainment

- Square Enix

- Microsoft Games

- Electronic Arts

- FoxNext

- Disney Interactive

- Hi Rez Studios

- Reverge Games

- 3BlackDot

- Lucky Day

- Many others


Building a Winning Portfolio

Graduating students will leave NYFA with a portfolio of Game Studio games as well as smaller prototypes, game deconstructions, business analyses, pitches, and stories. These portfolio pieces are crafted to provide the NYFA graduate the best foundation for breaking into the game industry and enjoying a career as a game professional. NYFA will teach you best practices for posting your portfolio online and getting attention with it in industry.

Post Graduation

NYFA LA’S Chair of Industry Outreach, Barbara Weintraub, works with each student before they graduate to create a professional resume and a post-school career game plan.

Students are encouraged to keep in contact with Barbara Weintraub & NYFA after graduating, for industry opportunities.


Lieux de formation

Los Angeles

Conditions d'admission

Pré-requis :

pre-req for Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or Associates of Fine Arts degree is a high school diploma or equivalent pre-req for our Master of Fine Arts degree is a bachelor's degree there is no pre-req for our One Year Game Design conservatory program

Modalités :
We offer MFA, BFA, and AFA degrees. We also offer a One Year conservatory degree.
Contact :
Admissions M. Flood Daniel
888 988 6932


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