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About Folk

  • Folk is a collaborative SaaS tool to centralize, organize and activate contacts.
  • Inspired by the new wave of productivity tools like Superhuman, Figma, Notion and Airtable, we're reinventing the way contacts are managed
  • Our mission is to offer teams a way to leverage their biggest asset ? their contacts ? with a productivity tool enjoyable to use, customizable on-the-go, and powered with data.
  • Our ambition is to become the reference both for individuals looking for a personal CRM and for large teams whose job revolves around managing contacts (candidates for HR, leads and clients for salespeople, journalists for PR, suppliers & partners for operations, entrepreneurs for investors, and many more)
  • Created within eFounders in 2020, we're a small (but ambitious) team of 10 and are about to launch the first version of our product



  • We're looking for an experienced Software Engineer to help us reinvent the way people are managing their contacts
  • You already know the basics of the job: coding, architecture, optimization, testing, reviews, peer programming, monitoring, alerting, security, etc...
  • Why you should apply:
    • We are an environment that will give you ownership over your projects: from inception to release and even after.
    • We value quality. Over everything.
    • We are action focused. We are fast-paced. We are straight to the point.
    • We strive to improve our customers experience as much as our teammates experience.
    • Our challenge is to satisfy the 7000 users that have requested an access during our beta. And many, many more to come.
    • We like to set measurable goals. Typically 99.5% uptime, APDEX > 0.95, coverage > 90%. Add yours here.
    • We would love to hear your ideas. On everything.
    • We love sport and food.
  • You shouldn't apply if:
    • You are looking for a place that will take care of everything for you. At Folk, we're looking for entrepreneur-minded people
    • You spot an improvement opportunity but you save it for later. At Folk, we wanna make things reliable, efficient and simple. So we take any opportunity to move this way.
    • You believe it someone else's fault if you didn't get things done. At Folk, we believe it's down to us to make things move. Always. If it didn't happen, maybe you didn't use the right words or made the right decisions.
    • You don't master the usage of gifs in Slack. At Folk, we have to seriously step up our gif game.



Hiring process

  • 30min sourcing call: let's make sure both parties (you and us) believe there is an interest in working together. It's ok to end this call at any time ;)
  • 30 min cto call: diving a little bit more into the tech and check our stack+product interests you and that your skills are fit for the job
  • 30min cofounders call: the moment when you can ask anything about the company
  • 1h tech call (cto+dev) :
    • we explain what we do and how, show you a demo. you explain your skills and values. We see if it matches your expectations.
    • we introduce you to the test. If we have time, we start working on it together. After that you can think about it until the test call.
  • 1h test (cto+dev): we use the test as a base for discussion, figure out how it feels to work together exploring: coding skills, architecture and exploration on a new topic
  • (opt) 30 min coffee with random members of the team to get a feel of the work atmosphere


Profil(s) recherché(s)


  • 5+ years of experience building fast, reliable, real-time web-based applications
  • You've been working previously using most techs on our stack
  • You speak English
  • You must be a quick learner and enjoy solving hard problems
  • You're a team player, eager to provide feedback and happy to receive them as learning opportunities
  • You'll know how to prioritize in order to deliver on time, as speed of execution is key, while never compromising on quality
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit, you're not afraid of taking initiative and measured risks

Our stack

  • Frontend: React, Apollo Client / In-Memory Cache, TypeScript
  • Backend: NodeJS, TypeScript, Rest API, GraphQL, NestJS, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • SaaS: Algolia, Gitlab, Figma, Slack (gif-less so far...)
  • Data: Python, Go
  • Hosting: AWS (Aurora, ECS, KMS, Lambda, Kinesis, SQS)
  • Monitoring: Datadog, Sentry

Informations complémentaires


Team Life

  • A competitive salary package (healthcare, commute?) and generous equity incentive
  • 5 to 10 days off in addition to the legal 25 days
  • A Swile Card that you can use for lunch
  • Flexible remote policy : fully remote possible, offices in Paris 9e
  • Monthly team events (when we're allowed to...)
  • The latest in Apple's equipment and remote setup with Fleex

How to apply?

Apply here: .

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Date de publication initiale : 20/04/2022