Senior Quest Designer

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As a Quest Designer, you will collaborate with different developers from other studios to deliver the best user experience, following the game's creative direction. You will also be responsible for the writing, scripting and implementation of side and/or main quests within an open world RPG, in collaboration with the other design teams.

Guide and oversee other Quests Designers following the game's creative direction.
Work closely with World Associate Producer to plan sprint to sprint, milestone to milestone objectives for the World Design team.
Design gameplay on paper, in a succinct and easy to understand format, in line with the game's vision.
Establish metrics and development workflows to unlock the creativity of the team.
Drive collaboration with Creatures and World Leads in order to create clear synergies between teams.
Script and implement quests elements in the editor.
Expand or subtract from existing gameplay features, according to the scope of the game.
Provide balancing documents and tweak the game in-engine.

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Date de publication initiale : 18/05/2023