Senior developer Engine & Tools

  • CDI
  •  75009, Paris
  •   il y a 766 jours

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Vue d'ensemble

  • Create new framework components depending on game teams needs (ex : anticheat, currency manager, voice chat ...)
  • Fix bugs in existing game components (ex : chat manager, leaderboard manager) and improve them based on game team needs
  • Ensure our games stay up to date with latest technologies and vendors requirements (ex : IOS updates, new GooglePlay features, Unity updates ...)
  • Maintain Build Machines
  • Focus on stellar user experience flows, with a special attention to details
  • Implement various features within the game engine

Profil(s) recherché(s)


  • Good knowledge of C#, but a previous experience in C++ could still be statisfying
  • Experience with Android and iOS development, plugins and shipping process
  • Experience with Unity
  • Wide understanding of different game technology areas (gameplay, graphics, tools etc.)


  • Knowledge of additional scripting language such as Python, Lua, etc.
  • Experience of tool frameworks such as Qt or .NET
  • Experience with Jenkins or any other continuous integration software
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Date de publication initiale : 13/04/2022