Physics Programmer (M/NB/W) - THE CREW MOTORFEST

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  •  Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  •   il y a 10 jours

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Job Description

The Physics Programmer is responsible for developing and maintaining functionalities linked to the physical component of a multi-platform real-time vehicle game.

Production :

  • Ensure the maintenance and development of existing technologies concerning:
    • Simulation of various types of vehicles
    • Simulation of interactive physical elements
    • Improvement of production tools for physical elements and collisions.
  • Diagnose and solve problems to improve engine robustness.
  • Help designers and artists integration and iterate with designers to able them to tweak vehicles.
  • Investigate physics behaviors that don't fit the intentions of the user.
  • Help game programmers to integrate their feature which can use or have impact on physics.
  • Optimize game code in a real-time, multi threaded and multiplayer online environment.
  • Integrate functionalities from middleware to improve quality.
  • Add and improve documentation :
    • On parameter tweaking for users,
    • On feature development for programmers.
  • Program in a clear and structured way, respecting performance, maintenance, compatibility, and portability requirements.
  • Review the code of other programmers.
  • Work and communicate with multi-disciplinary teams across different studios in the whole project and support them on physical technical issues.

Knowledege maintenance :

  • Monitor technological developments and test new solutions.
  • Technology watch on Anvil pipeline and modules.
  • Communicate with other Ivory teams on project's advancements.
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Date de publication initiale : 12/02/2024