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The Paris Studio is our new Gameloft Paris team dedicated to creating innovative cross-platform high-end games.

We are currently working on a brand new title set in a casual and fun PVP environment !

This project is in line with the vision and quality of work of Speedstorm, a project that is currently in production in our Barcelona Studio (to be released on PC& Console).

Your mission : You will work with the Game Design team to implement all interactive elements in the game, as well as define the architecture and content of each level.

The Level Designer must ensure that the game maps properly use the gameplay elements defined in the game design. After the design phase, the Level Designer will be responsible for integrating the game levels scripted events, enemy placement and general production.

What you'll do on a daily basis :
Design level maps, first on paper then in 3D
Define the placement of interactive objects, enemies and scripted events
Script cutscenes and events
Define a list of useful tools for designing game levels
Define a strict nomenclature to simplify group work
Assist the Lead Designer in designing various game elements and levels
Analyze the pace and difficulty of the game using curves
Test levels repeatedly
Prepare and present level design documents

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Date de publication initiale : 12/05/2022