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Joining Razer will place you on a global mission to revolutionize the way the world games. Razer is a place to do great work, offering you the opportunity to make an impact globally while working across a global team located across 5 continents. Razer is also a great place to work, providing you the unique, gamer-centric #LifeAtRazer experience that will put you in an accelerated growth, both personally and professionally.

Job Responsibilities :We are seeking a talented haptician to join our Interhaptics team in Lille, France, as technical product manager for the haptics platform product. The role offers a unique opportunity to define the future haptics for gaming and the peripheral ecosystem in general. The candidate will be immersed in our cutting-edge haptics team responsible for developing and maintaining the software-firmware general haptics Interhaptics platform. The candidate will manage both internal and external stakeholders, standardization bodies, and partners to shape a unique product for the large haptics ecosystem. The candidate should show strong prototyping skills across the stack to test and develop practical concepts before productization.
The candidate requires a Ph.D. in Haptics, Audio, Control, HMI, or related topics.

  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to define the scope and functions of the haptics platform
  • Collaborate with the Engine and SDK team to integrate the haptics platform with the software stack
  • Collaborate with the Hardware team to transfer the usage and concepts developed
  • Develop novel haptics usages for gaming for mobile, PC, and VR usages
  • Develop and maintain technical documentation and reference implementation for the platform
  • Discuss and brainstorm with the leadership team haptics innovations

Pre-Requisites :

  • a Ph.D. in Haptics, Audio, control, or a related topic.
  • Experience in USB ? HID communication protocol implementation
  • Experience in driver development
  • Proficiency in C++ or related software coding languages
  • Proficiency in C and firmware development
  • Proficiency with version control tools
  • Familiarity with multisensory perception, e.g. audio-haptics, visuo-haptics relations.
  • Strong prototyping attitude, both hardware, and software
  • Strong technical writing skills
  • Proactive attitude toward learning and staying updated with emerging design trends and technologies.
  • Proficiency in the English language ? speaking and writing skills are a must.


  • Work alongside category-defining games studios to define the future of immersive experiences
  • Collaborate with haptics key figures of the ecosystem
  • Develop the next-generation haptics interfaces for gaming
  • Work with a cutting-edge team to develop a key piece of technology for the ecosystem

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At Razer, you'll be at the forefront of the most exciting industry in the world ? gaming. Evolving forms of gaming require evolving forms of hardware, software and services. That's where Razer comes in, offering innovative top-of-the-line products and services to allow gamers to fully immerse in the ultimate gaming experience.

Getting onboard Razer will place you on a global mission to bring gamers closer to the games they love. Razer is a place to do great work, offering you the opportunity to be a part of a global team across 11 countries. Whether you are a hardcore evangelist who breathe life to the latest and greatest gaming gear or a behind-the-scene hero who runs our global operations, you are assured of a career-changing quest that transcends time zones and culture with one single spell: For Gamers. By Gamers.

The journey towards phenomenal-ness won't come easy. However, we will excel because gamers rely on teamwork. We achieve greatness because we are wicked problem-solvers and tenacious in clinching victories in all that we do. It is the team that makes Razer where it is today and will continue to bring Razer to even greater heights.

Razer is proud to be certified as a Great Place to Work® in both United States and Singapore. This is a testament to our commitment to make your quest at Razer a rewarding one

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Date de publication initiale : 18/08/2023