Game Marketing Manager (M/F/D)

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  •  34000, Montpellier
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Missions :
Develop comprehensive and innovative marketing strategies to enhance the visibility and commercial success of our games
Collaborate with internal teams to ensure that marketing strategies align with the development process and overall brand objectives
Coordinate with the group and external partners, including PR agencies and influencers, to amplify brand awareness and reach a wider audience
Analyze market data and consumer trends to identify opportunities for growth and optimization.
Manage marketing budgets effectively and ensure the efficient allocation of resources for maximum impact
Oversee the creation of marketing materials, including trailers, advertisements, and social media content, in collaboration with our group
Design and analysis of beat reports
Support the marketing campaign and strategy for each game of our line-up
Community developement through our Discord channel and our newsletter program
Submitt our games to digital events and upcoming awards
Effectively use all digital channels like FB, YouTube, push notifications, SMS & emails etc to target users with relevant and personalised communication
Conduct in-depth analyses of daily, weekly and monthly campaigns to identify growth opportunities
Conceptualise marketing campaigns, craft messaging & build relevant workflows by segmenting the user base appropriately to identify opportunity areas in the user's lifecycle

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Date de publication initiale : 01/11/2023