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Détails de la structure

We are part of e-sport growth and maturity, our mission is bringing statistics and odds to the ecosystem. We work with media, professional teams and bookmakers. A second important aspect is how techie we are, we built a complex algorithm based on AI that watch e-sport competitions...
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Date de publication initiale : 10/10/2017

Vue d'ensemble

We are looking for someone that loves start-up, artificial intelligence and believe in e-sport. You're going to work directly with the CEO on many hot topic. So we think you will need strong multitasking and adaptative skills. PandaScore is a true tech start-up and still young, so you will have impact on our future and have an intense start-up experience.

What you will directly contribute to:

- Work with the CEO on investor relationship with past and future investors 
- Produce financial reporting and financial monitoring 
- Competitive & market intelligence 
- Work closely with our clients from the onboarding to payment 
- Implement automated pipeline for various processes (billing, HR,..)

Profil(s) recherché(s)

You are (having all skills is not mandatory):

- Curious and you want to have a glimpse of how a start-up works 
- Fast learner, always looking for new challenges and fields to discover 
- Hard worker, rigorous with the ability to switch context 
- A strong start-up culture (participated in hackaton, previous internship in a start-up, ...)
- Excel pro player, computers are your friends (+1 if you have learnt to code) 
- a bit geek/gamer but more importantly you love tech.


- You plan to launch a start-up or you worked in a VC

Informations complémentaires


- Gaming room (PS4, PCs, Switch) 
- Video game credits 
- Central office (Bourse/Grands Boulevards)