Senior Graphics Programmer (H/F)

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  •  Paris - Île-de-France, France
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  •   Novaquark

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Top Reasons to Work with Us

- You want to improve and maintain the rendering modules of the game engine
- You want to develop shaders and quality effects to support the Art direction
- You want to optimize the rendering code to get the best performance
- You want to write clear, maintainable, portable C++ code
- You want to write and maintain custom shaders across a range of hardware
- You want to test and document code you write

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What You Need for this Position

- Strong knowledge of C++ (11, 14)
- Strong knowledge of rendering algorithms
- Good knowledge of multi-core architecture related issues
- Experience with DirectX 11 level shaders and HLSL
- Experience writing systems balancing performance and maintainability
- Experience profiling and optimizing both CPU and GPU utilization
- Strong communication and organizational skills

Informations complémentaires


- Excellent analytical and mathematical skills
- Development experience on PC
- Good MMORPG culture


Please apply by answering the form available at

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Date de publication initiale : 26/05/2017

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