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Playwing is looking for a talented Lead Game Designer to join our HQ in Paris, France. Our small, experienced team is committed to building fresh, high-quality games across genres, platforms, and target audiences. At Playwing, we strongly believe in putting the fun front and center, and polishing every aspect of the player experience. This is a unique opportunity to take part of an exciting adventure at an early stage, as the company gears up for its first major release in 2020. If you're passionate about crafting kick-ass games for millions of players, you're in the right place. Join us in our quest to create top-notch cross-platform multiplayer games !

As the Lead Game Designer embedded within our editorial team, you will be overseeing all design matters across our entire lineup, ensuring that Playwing consistently delivers games of the highest quality. To achieve that, you will work closely with key members from our internal studios throughout the production pipeline (from pre-production to live operations), as well as relay major project information with the editorial team on a daily basis.

We are looking for someone who will :

  • Thrive working on various design topics and games simultaneously
  • Analyse current and upcoming trends to ensure the right market positioning for our upcoming games
  • Engage in the ideation process for new projects, features, live-ops events, etc.
  • Anticipate design challenges and support the design teams tackling them head on
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Date de publication initiale : 27/08/2019

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