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  •  Paris, Île-de-France
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Job Description

Game Lab is a Gameloft Paris team dedicated to creating innovative gameplay and concept work. It has several tasks: devising and fleshing out concept games, testing them using iterative prototyping, developing ideation tools and methods, infusing all Gameloft development teams with creativity, and helping those teams to boost the quality of their games.

As Game Lab's Senior Game Designer, you will closely work with the VP Creation and Creation Manager, to provide support and insights, in regard to all the creative process, and Gameloft productions worldwide. You are confident your experience and talent will make you a valuable asset of our editorial team, no matter the games' genre and scope.

Your mission: Supporting game teams around the world to deliver top notch mobile games. Working with Gameloft top management to ensure consistency in our line-up, apply editorial best practices, and make sure everything lives up to our quality standards.

About you: You have a passion for mobile games and are unrivalled in your knowledge of our industry's game-design trends. You know about our past and have great ideas about our future. You have relevant experience managing teams and overseeing publishing. You've mastered the major principles underpinning game design theory, and also have extensive knowledge of the production process of a mobile game. You enjoy theory as much as practice, and are a driving force behind suggestions regarding both sides. You have experience working on a wide variety of game genres. If all this describes you, you're the perfect fit for the Game Lab!

  • The main task of a Game Lab Senior Game Designer is to follow-up on all projects within Gameloft, to support game teams and make sure the game mechanics are aligned with the core concept of each project.
  • Be a bridge between Gameloft top management expectations, and the game teams, to make sure of the projects consistency and quality.
  • Work with local design directors and game designers to understand and help figuring out their design issues.
  • Relay information and best design practices across all studios. Build up documentation and ?how-to? for each game genre, and help animating the game design community with talks and workshops.
  • Survey and improve Gameloft creative process, when it comes to designing games (from pre-production to soft launch, and live operations).

Date de publication initiale : 11/03/2021