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For you, the coolest esport is Starcraft; you love the way pro-gamers are (retro) planning everything before the game even starts. Whenever you watch an esports competition, you can imagine the media day (and what you would’ve done to make it better). And you genuinely think that esports is the sport of the digital generation—so you can’t understand why more brands haven’t jumped in yet.


Hurrah is a Paris-based creative advertising agency focused on bringing mainstream brands into the esports arena, and we’re looking for an experienced executive producer to join us. If esports is your dream gig, but a lack of relevant roles drove you into video production for diapers or mustard instead, you’re the player we’re looking for.


Plan and manage physical video productions and photoshoots to ensure each asset is of the highest quality possible. You will work hand-in-hand with the client, creatives and production teams, responsible for managing the day-to-day aspects of video production and shootings.

  • Organizing all the logistics from hiring crew, renting equipment, and working with the production company
  • Supervising the physical aspects of production including personnel, technology, budget, and scheduling
  • Ensuring that production stays on schedule without going over budget
  • Ensuring video content reflects the brand message
  • Manage relationships with external partners
  • Client management

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A multi-talented esports fan with solid experience in video production.

- Strong knowledge of all production and post production processes, formats and techniques.
- You know your way around a camera in case the worst actually does come to worst.
- Ability to manage multiple tasks in various stages simultaneously.
- Excellent organizational skills.
- You are an esports fans and can plan shootings around the esports events agenda.
- You speak English fluently.

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Salary: Experience and skills based
Job type: Experience and skills-based
Location: Paris 19e (Belleville)
Start date: What works for you?
Send your English resume & social links (subject: Hurrah for Executive Producers! — Your Name Here). Include a quick email about why we should pick you. (None of that “To Whom It May Concern” stuff.)


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Date de publication initiale : 01/05/2019

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